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Lake Roosevelt Walleye & Fresh Water Ling Cod Guided Adventure

May 27, 2019

We started catching fish right away in the morning but most were throw backs.  Shortly after that, we decided to go burn some gasoline and find some better sized Walleye. We headed South first with bad results from the wind and current moving the boat too fast to jig.  Having enough of that, I decided to take today's crew for a trip up to Gifford. We did manage to get a few decent size Walleye even though we had to weed out and throw back the small ones. The crew and I bounced around to some of our best fishing holes.  Success!  We proudly caught some good sized Walleye and Burbot for the frying pan! Scott caught his first Burbot today to take off his bucket list. Great job, Scott! Most fish today were caught between 45'-90' of water jigging and drifting.  Happy Fishing Everyone and Safe Memorial Weekend to you all!

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