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Lake Roosevelt Keeper Sturgeon Kettle Falls

Jul 07, 2019

We launched from Kettle Falls and went South to the mouth of the Colville River. We have been fishing at all depths around the mouth of the Colville River from depths of 60'-140' in the main channel of Lake Roosevelt. Another good spot that has been good for Sturgeon fishing is right out in front of the day area on the Colville Flats, just on the edge of the sand bars on the east side of Lake Roosevelt.  You'll want to start at depths of 50'-80' of water there. There are many fish holding around the Colville Flats.  Check South to Ricky Point and Bradberry beach! This 59" slot fish these two brothers are holding was a very heavy fish, close to a hundred pounds. Pickled Herring & Squid has worked well for bait. Good Luck & Good Fishing Everyone!!!

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